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We scour the market for you to give you 10 quotes in under 24 hours.

If you’re a small to medium business looking for suitable business insurance, chances are you’ve looked online and found websites offering instant quotes. 

Instant quotes are skewed in favour of the insurer and not you. The quotes you receive might be the cheapest, but not offering the best insurance product to suit your needs.

At Online Business Insurance Brokers, we don’t present you with just the cheapest choice. We understand your business and your insurance needs. We study your existing business insurance (if any) and then we source the options that best suit your needs. Presenting  you with up to 10 quotes within 24 hours. 

We also offer you the flexibility to pay your premiums monthly – at no extra cost. 


Why is OBIB different?

Our core focus is small and medium business and, unlike any other broker, we can give your tailored advice on which cover will best suit your business needs. 

Our brokers have years of experience handling insurance for businesses such as yours. Online Business Insurance Brokers work exclusively for you, not the insurer. We offer up to 10 relevant quotes for your business in 24 hours and full claims assistance service at no charge. 

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How we handle your FREE monthly payments

In case of an annual payment, you transfer the yearly fee into a trust account of the license holder, in this case, Online Business Insurance Brokers and we handle the rest for you. 

When we handle your free monthly business insurance payments, we work with Attvest Premium Funding to carry out your account’s direct debit. So once you approve Attvest Premium Funding, 

Usually, other insurers and brokers charge a fee of up to 10 % flat, which on an annualised percentage rate would equate to around about 20% charge. Plus there could be a $50-60 fee in addition to that. We waive all that and offer to handle your monthly payments for free.


Make an informed business insurance decision

Online Business Insurance Brokers scope the market looking for relevant and appropriate insurance for your small and medium business on your behalf. After this search, we don’t just present you with one or two options that we think are best for you.

We give you the whole picture, up to 10 quotes in 24 hours, to be specific. So you can see all the options available in the market. Because we are working directly for you. 

Visibility into these options empowers you to make informed decisions when choosing the right business insurance. So need of blindly trusting an instant quote that popped up on your screen or having to rely on the skewed opinion of an insurer.

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Here’s what sets us apart from the rest

Other Insurers and Brokers Online Business Insurance Brokers
Receives your details via a form  Understands your business and its needs
Uses a bot to crunch the numbers and share some quotes Brokers do the research themselves to look for the best quotes
Gives 1-3 quotes (skewed in favour of the insurer) Gives you 10 quotes in 24-hours without being influenced by any insurer
You are left to decide which one to choose Our brokers work with you to offer tailored advice
Take a fee from you to handle Monthly payments Handles your monthly payments for FREE
You decide without knowing all the options You take a well-informed decision

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