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What Insurance Do Restaurant & Cafe Owners Need?

As a restaurant or a cafe owner, we understand the nature of your business and the unique operations associated with it. Similarly, the insurance coverage for your business will differ from others, whether you’re a casual or fine dining restaurant, take-away specialists, coffee shop, have deep frying or don’t, are licensed or not, as business insurance brokers, we analyse the risks associated with your restaurant or cafe and help you choose the cover that protects your business from future hazards. 

restaurant & cafe insurance

Restaurants & Cafe Insurance Package Includes: 

  • Business Interruption (Protects your profits or rent after damage to the property) 
  • Property damage (Protects your building &/ or Contents against damage
  • Public & Products Liability (Protects you from claims of negligence which caused property damage or personal injury) 
  • Money
  • Theft (Broader than burglary covers, protecting you from items being stolen)
  • Machinery Breakdown (Equipment plus options to include any loss of food)
  • Glass (Replacement value with no limit plus additional covers on signs/ signwriting)
  • Electronic Equipment Breakdown (Like Machinery breakdown, but for electronic items) 
Is Food Poisoning Covered By Insurance?

Yes it is, if you take out Public Liability insurance, it will include an extension for Products Liability and this will protect you against claims made by customers for food poisoning as well as any other personal injury or property damage claims.

restaurant and cafe insurance
restaurant and cafe insurance

Is Machinery Breakdown Covered By Insurance? 


Yes machinery breakdown can be insured as well as claims concerning the loss of stock following the breakdown of fridges at restaurants. Uninsured loss for your machinery or food spoilage will impact your business operations and ultimately profits for the business, so speak to one of our Insurance Experts to review your individual needs.

Is Public Liability Insurance Important For My Restaurant Business?

Yes, because If you don’t insure for Public Liability, any allegation of negligence that causes bodily injury or property damage could end your business. It could be a customer, supplier, delivery person, or any member of the public that is injured by your business or products that could sue you and without insurance (or enough insurance) could take everything. So speak to one of our Insurance Experts to review your individual needs.

Why Choose Online Business Insurance Brokers For Your Restaurant & Cafe Business?

As an Australian-based insurance broking company for business owners, we shop around and provide 10 suitable insurance quotes with monthly premium payment options that don’t cost you an extra fee.

If you’re currently paying interest or a fee to pay your premiums monthly – you shouldn’t be. All of our options can be paid with monthly instalments at no extra cost.

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