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Protect Your Business with OBIB – We’ve Got Cover For That

Band in Town?
Someone get stuck into the mini bar?
Guests pinch more than shampoo?
We've got cover for that! ...and a lot more

Let us take care of your motel insurance, while you look after the business

10 Quotes in 24 Hours – Free Monthly On All Policies

If you run a Motel or rent your property to a Motel Operator, we have multiple tailored packages to suit your specific needs. Whether your motel has a pool, has a restaurant, is single or multi storey, whether you are in a major city or regional town, no matter what your location, or construction, we can assist you with 10 quotes in 24 hours, with tailored advice for your specific insurance needs.

Ask us about the savings you can make, if you combine the Motel Insurance with the Building Insurance.

Motel Insurance Packages can include:

Why choose Online Business Insurance Brokers for your Motel Insurance?

When you get a business insurance policy from OBIB, you don’t pay an extra fee or any interest to pay your premium monthly. Choose from at least 10 insurance quotes and pay monthly at no extra cost with OBIB.

If you’re currently paying interest or a fee to pay your premiums monthly – you shouldn’t be. All of our options can be paid with monthly instalments at no extra cost.

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