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Understanding How We Quote

Online Business Insurance Brokers makes business insurance easy.

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We tailor our quotes to your needs.

We use a range of well-known insurers to get a broad range of insurance options. Then, we breakdown those quotes, so that we can review the various options.

Sometimes, it is in your interest for us to break up your insurance needs across different insurers. This means we might recommend Insurer A for your public liability but Insurer B, C or D for your property, fire or burglary. This is what transparent broking is all about.

Online Business Insurance Brokers
Online Business Insurance Brokers

With OBIB there are no limits.

Instead of being limited to off-the-shelf policies, you get access to policies with enhanced benefits and inclusions. We can offer you these options because we are a part of the Steadfast Insurance Broking Network, the largest general insurance broker network in Australia & New Zealand.

What do we mean by off-the-shelf policies?
If you’re in an occupation where the first round of quotes we obtain are not competitive or the insurers don’t offer cover to you, we then source options from our 50+ underwriting agencies where we have a wide range of specialist schemes and worldwide markets.

Higher risk occupations are frequently not preferred business for local insurers and this is why we would then use underwriting agencies. We don’t access them initially because they are generally not a competitive option for “regular business” as they do have additional charges and fees.

Why do I send my renewal form?
If you haven’t made a claim in the past three years, the fastest and easiest way you can get a business insurance quote from at least eight insurers is to start by sending us a copy of your current renewal form. This can be as simple as photographing it with your phone and either sending it to us by SMS.
What if you don't have a current business insurance policy?
If you don’t have an existing policy, then we need to get some risk information from you (sums insured, address, occupation etc) so please fill out our online quote form at the bottom of this page.
What if you've made a business insurance claim in the previous three years?
If you have had claims in the past three years, it may impact your premiums, so we just need a little more information. Send in your notice, with a list of the claims (date, amount, what happened) and we will get your quote.
What if you don't trust us with your renewal documents yet?
If you haven’t interacted with us yet, you won’t know how we follow strict, ethical procedures with your information, and that’s okay.

If you don’t want to send us your schedule, submit your quote form to answer some sum insured and claim questions without the renewal documents.

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