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Getting the right business insurance is crucial. You need peace of mind knowing you’re covered and you need peace of mind whenever you need to make a claim. They’re just two of the benefits of dealing with Online Business Insurance Brokers. On top of that, our experienced brokers will not only help you choose the right deal for your business from among those quotes, they’ll even arrange for you to pay your premiums monthly for no extra cost!

Choose your Business Insurance the smart way

Thank you for considering Online Business Insurance Brokers as your broker for business insurance.

When you share a renewal notice or fill out our forms to give us your background information, you’ll enable our dedicated, professional team of brokers to go through the marketplace and find at least 10 quotes in 24 hours to suit your needs.

And unlike some “comparison” sites out there, we don’t play favorites. We test the market every time. And we’ll keep testing the market every time your insurance is up for renewal. That’s one of the great benefits of choosing OBIB as your broker.

“OBIB were quick to respond to my request for a quote and efficient and helpful in assisting me to make a claim. Best of all they saved me around $10,000 (around 50%) on my Business Insurance Premiums. Also when we had a downturn in business due to COVID-19, they were able to assist with my request to defer the monthly payments. Craig was very helpful and friendly.” – Kathy, Owner of Mayfield Motel.

Another great advantage is that we will arrange for you to pay your premiums monthly, for no extra cost! This means your business insurance cover will not only be the right fit at a great price, but you’ll also be able to manage your cashflow.

From single policies to comprehensive Business Package insurance, our independent team of brokers will be on your side, helping you understand your options and make wise choices.

And we’ll stay by your side, whenever you need to lodge a business insurance claim, so go ahead and send us into action for you right now and let’s see what the market really can offer you.

Here are some of the insurers we size up on your behalf

The fastest and easiest way you can get a business insurance quote from at least ten insurers, is to start by sending us a copy of your current renewal notice. This can be as simple as taking a photo of it with your phone and either sending it to us by email or SMS, or forward your existing notice if you already have it on email. Why send it? Only your existing notice or schedule contain the full details of the cover and/or any limitations or restrictions (endorsements) that your policy has. Without knowing all of that, our quotes are only an indication and not a fair comparison. Once we have your notice, we can tell you any differences between your existing cover and our options. After all, you don’t just want a cheaper premium, you also want to know if there are any differences in the covers we provide.

If you don’t have an existing policy, then we need to get some risk information from you (sums insured, address, occupation etc) so please fill out our online quote form HERE.

If you have had claims in the past three years, it may impact on your premiums, so we just need a little more information.

Send in your notice, with a list of the claims (date, amount, what happened etc) and we will get your quote back to you ASAP. Alternatively you can complete our quote form and answer the claims questions on the form HERE.

If you haven’t interacted with us yet, you won’t know how we follow strict, ethical procedures with your information, and that’s okay.

If you don’t want to send us your schedule, just use our form, HERE to answer some cover and claim questions.

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