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Protect Your Investment With Commercial Landlord Insurance

Do you own a commercial property and need help with your insurance?

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If you own a commercial property, why settle for a standard business pack when you can have a tailored option. If you rent your commercial property to a tenant, you will be required to have commercial landlords insurance.  Commercial landlord insurance for businesses will protect owners of commercially tenanted offices, shops and factories.

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What is commercial landlord insurance?

Commercial landlord insurance will help the owner of the property protect their investment and is necessary for property owners who rent properties to tenants. 

Commercial landlord insurance may cover a range of tenanted commercial property. These may include:

  • Retail Sites/Shops
  • Office Spaces
  • Factories
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Warehouses

What are the specialist covers that Online Insurance Brokers can offer? 

This isn’t a standard “business package”, this is an enhanced policy specifically tailored to Commercial Property Owners that can include the following covers specific to commercial property owners’ needs:

Rent Default – all “business packages” can cover Loss of Rent in the event of damage to the property, but Rent Default cover can protect your income in the event that:

    • Your tenant leaves your rental property before the end of the tenancy period of your lease agreement without giving you or your agent notice
    • Your tenant is legally evicted
    • Your tenant stops paying rent

Loss of Rent/Business Interruption – following physical loss, destruction or damage to your building

Tax Audit – Covers the costs of accountants/professionals’ fees as a result of a tax audit or investigation

Legal Costs for Occupational Health and Safety Breaches – Covers reasonable legal costs and expenses you incur for appealing or for improving your position in relation to fines, prohibition notices or court or tribunal determinations arising from workplace, OH&S or similar legislation

Automatic Theft Cover– Covers loss of or damage to your property that occurs due to forcible and violent entry into your property and theft outside business hours up to the Building Sum Insured. There is also automatic limited cover for Replacement of Locks and Keys, Temporary Protection & Security Guards and Theft in the open air.

Money– Free automatic cover up to $50,000


 And of course, options can include the following important covers for the Building itself:

  • Property Damage
  • Glass
  • Injury to the Public (Public Liability)
  • Machinery Breakdown

If you’re currently paying interest or a fee to pay your premiums monthly – you shouldn’t be. All of our options can be paid with monthly instalments at no extra cost.

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