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Business insurance relief during COVID-19

If COVID-19 restrictions are impacting your business and you’re looking to make cuts to your expenses, we can offer business insurance relief.

Having the right business insurance matters.

At times like these, having the right insurance is more important than ever, and we believe this is when you should be able to turn to your business insurance broker for support. As part of our never-ending work of probing the market for better policies and deals for our clients, we’ve now been able to introduce some new options from insurers who are offering relief for clients suffering a downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“OBIB were quick to respond to my request for a quote and efficient and helpful in assisting me to make a claim. Best of all they saved me around $10,000 (around 50%) on my Business Insurance Premiums. Also when we had a downturn in business due to COVID-19, they were able to assist with my request to defer the monthly payments. Craig was very helpful and friendly.”

– Kathy, Owner of Mayfield Motel.

Online Business Insurance Brokers

COVID-19 business insurance relief options

You can access two different options for managing insurance policy payments during these disruptive times, namely:

  • No extra cost for monthly insurance instalments
  • Up to six months deferred repayment plans with some insurers

Take advantage of these options for your business with these easy 3 steps.

  1. Send us your existing schedule so we can make a direct comparison for you.
  2. We will then requote your policies with at least 10 insurers, providing you with tailored advice and options.
  3. We will either have found you a better option than your current insurance, or we can arrange a special payment plan for you.
Online Business Insurance Brokers
Online Business Insurance Brokers

What are the payment plan options?

Both of these options offer advantages and we can help you choose the method that’s best for you.

  • Paying your business insurance in monthly instalments with no extra fees or interest is a great way to manage cash flow at any time. 
  • Or, if the insurance company you choose has this option, you can defer your policy payments for up to 6 months. What that means is you can maintain your cover with no payments for the next 6 months and then double payments for the following 6 months. 

We look forward to helping you find the best business insurance policies.

Even when COVID-19 restrictions are over in Australia, we always offer our clients the option of paying premiums monthly for no extra cost. So, if you’re still stuck in an old model in which you are being charged fees or interest to pay monthly, we look forward to working with you in this better way. Various insurers have responded to the financial hardship that many businesses are facing due to the impact of COVID-19, by allowing deferral of insurance premiums for up to 6 months. This has been especially important for small businesses. With deferred payments, however, it is important to note that insurers are changing the landscape continuously and not all insurers are offering this relief. If your business has been impacted by forced closure, partial restrictions or a downturn in trade due to COVID-19, speak to us about these options for deferring your insurance premium.

Here are some of the insurers we size up on your behalf

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