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About Us

Although only a relatively new company, Online Business Insurance Brokers draws on 30+ years’ experience of its founding director, working for insurers and brokerages with a variety of clients including sole traders, major national retailers, large scale engineering business, and everything in between!

At Online Business Insurance Brokers, we design insurance programs around your needs.

The big difference we bring to the table is that we do it:

  • without the expensive “salesman” visiting you
  • without the need to visit you in person

We can do this because we use the resources available on the internet and we make some assumptions based on the those resources and the information you provide (all assumptions are detailed in our quotes).

We can then go to the market, obtain your quotes (just as if we had visited you on site), review them for you, breakdown the pricing, and then send this all back in a report for you to review.

Experience the Online Business Insurance Brokers difference by requesting your quote today.

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