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Get up to 10 quotes in just 24 hours.

Buy Business Insurance the Smart Way. Experienced brokers at Online Business Insurance Brokers help you choose the right plan for your small to medium business. We’ll also arrange for you to pay your premiums monthly at no extra cost!

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Motel Owners

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Online Business Insurance Brokers makes business insurance easy for you

When you get a quote from OBIB, you don’t pay an extra fee or any interest when paying your monthly premium. Choose from at least 10 suitable insurance quotes and pay monthly premium at no extra cost in 3 easy steps:

Step One

If you’ve made no claims against business insurance in the last three years, just scan or photograph your current renewal notice and SMS or email it to us.

Step Two

OBIB’s experienced brokers scour the marketplace, weighing up the policies suited to your business needs.

Step Three

We will contact you with at least 10 quotes even suggesting which ones are best suited to your needs and save you money.

Here are some of the insurers we size up on your behalf

Let us get a quote for you, your way



Ready to get a quote? Simply SMS scans or photos of current renewal forms. We'll call you back with our recommendations:


Ready to get a quote? Simply email scans or photos of current renewal forms. We'll email you back with recommendations:

Fast Form

Ready to get a quote but can't send an existing renewal? Use this form to give us enough information to start your quote:

"OBIB were quick to respond to my request for a quote and efficient and helpful in assisting me to make a claim. Best of all they saved me around $10,000 (around 50%) on my Business Insurance Premiums. Also when we had a downturn in business due to COVID-19, they were able to assist with my request to defer the monthly payments. Craig was very helpful and friendly.”


Owner of Mayfield Motel

Is your business insurance broker cutting corners? If so, you pay the price!

When you’re offered “instant quotes”, you are NOT getting the whole picture and could be missing out on a policy that’s a better fit for your needs.

At Online Business Insurance Brokers we don’t do anything any other broker can’t do.

The difference is, we actually DO THE WORK. You don’t get one or two quotes, you get TEN quotes within 24 hours, allowing us to analyse options and make tailored recommendations to you.

We are your quick brown fox in the insurance industry, blending experience and street-smarts to size up what’s on offer and sniff out the policies that suit your needs.
Contact Online Business Insurance Brokers to discover what you’re missing out on.

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